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Foto por Gilmar Duran

I notice that Colombian society tends to romanticize life in the name of traditions. So, "if your husband hits you, well, he hits you, but you should thank God he's still around, like, think about it – being single? Who's gonna look after you when you're old, right?" And with diminutives, they adorn this existential conformity… "See, you gotta realize, tough times can kinda be soothed with a sip of aguardiente, you see." "The thing is, your husband drinks a bit too much, that's why he comes home all fired up and puts his hands on you. But well, it's better to just stay quiet, dear, 'cause think about being on your own, managing life all and especially with the soaring food prices – gosh, it's a wallet pinch, sweetheart, where are we going with this?"

"Hey, tell the driver to stop, I'll get off at the corner, you hear me, the corner!" "Well, ma'am, it's been a pleasure, God bless you." "Hey, sweet lady, what else is there to chat about except those corrupt politicians, the high cost of living, the upcoming holiday lights in December, and that new movie 'Encanto' they made about Colombia?– oh, how proud we are!" "Heading out to the countryside is a real treat. We hopped on a 5-hour bus ride to snag the tastiest strawberries and cream in the whole country. You know, those gringos don't experience this kind of joy. That's why they come here – our country's got it all. And let's not forget Karol G – she's a sensation! Oh, that's hilarious! Don't make me laugh, or my empanada will come back up. “Can you believe it? She's never heard of Karol G? I mean, come on, if you're Colombian, you've gotta know who Karol G is. Seriously, who wouldn't?"

“Is it true that you take that ayahuasca? I've heard that it makes you see demons. It's the people from Putumayo who use it, isn't it? In Santa Marta, there are those guys with the white caps, it's like a tribe, you know? Oh, what are they called? Arawinos, arahuevos, starts with an 'ara.' Yes, that's it! Arahuacos. If you go to Santa Marta, ask about them – they'll take you for a little walk on the beach. Oh, and don't forget Buritaca, where you'll find both seawater and a river. Tired of the beach? Head to the river. Tired of the river? Go back to the beach. Well, my dear, it's been a pleasure. God bless you, enjoy yourself, you know, you won't find better folks than the people from Antioquia."

Foto por Gilmar Duran

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